The Mental Health For All Lab promotes the generation of knowledge and its effective utilization with the goal of contributing to the reduction of the global burden of suffering of mental health problems. The specific emphasis of the Lab’s efforts is to leverage digital technology and task-sharing to scale up interventions for the prevention and care of mental health problems across the life course.  

The Lab, under the direction of Professor Vikram Patel, is based at the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine of Harvard Medical School, a historic contributor to the emergence and development of the discipline of global mental health.  Our work is fully aligned with the diverse initiatives and researchers from across the Harvard community who are associated with the GlobalMentalHealth@Harvard Initiative

Our current research priorities focus on: 

  • Developing and evaluating non-specialist provider delivered interventions to detect, assess, care for  and prevent mental health problems
  • Developing and evaluating digital technology enabled approaches to train providers, assess cognitive development and mental health, and assist management of self-care 
  • Developing and evaluating approaches for improving the quality of mental health care delivered through primary health care systems. 

Through global initiatives led by our team and our work with collaborating partners from around the world, our program emphasizes global-local learning potential demonstrating that low-resource settings across countries, including the US, share similar barriers to realizing mental health for all and that innovative strategies can be disseminated across contexts and cultures.


Dr. Vikram Patel's Recent Publications

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