EMPOWER: Building the Mental Health Workforce

Visit: www.empower.care

Lack of skilled human resources is a major barrier restricting health care systems’ abilities to deliver psychosocial interventions.

  • We are building a digital platform called ‘EMPOWER’ through which providers can learn, master, and deliver evidence-based psychosocial treatments.
  • The world’s leading psychological treatment scientists are guiding the development of the initial curriculum and toolkit.
  • In the next five years, we aim to train over one million front-line workers to deliver psychological therapies for mood, anxiety, trauma-related, and addiction-related mental health problems.
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EMPOWER Management Team: 

  • Vikram Patel
  • John Naslund
  • Sheena Wood
  • Joshua Chauvin
  • Margaux Amara

EMPOWER is a not-for-profit effort of the GlobalMentalHealth@Harvard Initiative.

empower team