Book Launch: Mental Health, Legal Capacity, and Human Rights

October 1, 2021

Lab Director Professor Vikram Patel and Coordinator Juliana Restivo are excited to share the news of a new edited volume that was recently published in September 2021. Professor Patel is one of the lead Editors of the volume along with co-editors Professor Michael Stein, Faraaz Mahomed, and Charlene Sunkel. Juliana is the Editorial Assistant of the volume. With an equal emphasis on the Global North and Global South, this volume offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary analysis of legal capacity in the realm of mental health. Integrating rigorous academic research with perspectives from people with psychosocial disabilities and their caregivers, the authors provide a holistic overview of pertinent issues and suggest avenues for reform.

  • Features contributors from twenty-one countries, providing an international perspective
  • Includes lived-experience accounts about legal capacity, supported decision-making, and involuntary mental health treatment
  • Offers insights into law reform, clinical protocols and practices, and areas for advocacy.

Read more about the edited volume and authors from 21 different countries here and register to join us for the launch event on Friday October 8th at 10am ET.