PRIDE is a five-year research program seeking to develop psychosocial interventions for school-going adolescents aged 11-19 years with mental health problems in India.


The global population of young people exceeds one billion; of whom 356 million are in India. Depressive, anxiety and conduct disorders (the ‘common mental disorders’) account for over 75% of the burden of mental disorders in this age group. A large body of evidence suggests that psychological treatments are effective for treating mental disorders in adolescents – however, the vast majority of young people do not receive these treatments (for reasons including the availability of only non-specialised health workers, cultural explanations, and low demand for mental health care).


The goal of PRIDE is to develop and evaluate a psychosocial intervention program consisting of three interventions for common mental health problems:

  • A self-help intervention delivered through a workbook.
  • A self-help intervention delivered through a mobile app.
  • A psychological intervention delivered by counsellors.


The project involves three phases over five years from 2016-2020:

  • Intervention Design and Development: Theoretical framework development and design of the three interventions.
  • Evaluation: Randomised Controlled Trials evaluating the effectiveness of the three interventions in reducing symptom severity and improving recovery rates.
  • Scale Up: Planning the scale-up of the intervention through public and private school systems.


Our public engagement initiative, “It’s Ok To Talk” aims to enable a dialogue with young people around issues related to mental health through digital and community-based activities.The project launched a website as a platform dedicated to encouraging young people to share their experiences of mental health.

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